Our Ninjas

We collect information from various sources to generate the Wiki Ninja Belts. Enter your TechNet Wiki profile number below and we'll show you what we have. This is a NUMERIC user Id, from your TN Wiki articles, explained below. I've put mine in below, as example.

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Profile Leaders

We've scraped all our ninja's stats, to run the calculator. So here's a leader board, showing our "known" ninjas, by TechNet profile points. This is a subset of about 1,000 TechNet Wiki & MSDN users, who have come onto our radar through one of our competitions.

Top 100 Wiki Ninjas by profile points »

This list pulls users' live profile pictures. We are not responsible for their content.

Ninja MVPs

We've also had a rummage through the MVP profiles over at mvp.microsoft.com, to see how many mentions we've had over the history of Wiki Nanjas. From that, we've produced a list of all those who have climbed the community ladder, all the way to the top!

Wiki Ninjas who became MVPs »

This list is pulled & auto-tagged from the MVP profiles, so let us know if you see a mistake.

Finding your TechNet Wiki profile number

Your TechNet Wiki profile id is a number. You can find it in the URL behind a TECHNET WIKI article link for your profile.

  1. Go to the TechNet Wiki.
  2. Find an article which you have posted.
  3. Do not click your profile link.
    Try one of these options:
    1. Hover over your profile name to see the URL in your browser, shown below
    2. Right click, then copy and paste the URL into a text editor

Q - "Why won't clicking your profile link give it?"
A - It will redirect to your "user-named" profile page.
In my case, this is ".../profile/pete%20laker/", so you'll lose the profile number from this new URL.

Profile Progress

You may not realize how close you are to the next community achievement! If only there was an easy way to check them all. This is a feature that is missing from the current TechNet/MSDN platform. We hope to make it easier for you.

Coming soon...

Please come again. This feature will be released soon.